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Plastic Surgery’s State of the Art

Based in Northern California, Stephen J. Ronan, M.D., proves that Beverly Hills is not the only place offering the latest in plastic surgery innovations. Known as one of the nation’s premiere plastic surgeons, Dr. Ronan has been a pioneer in the field, helping make surgical procedures less invasive. Utilizing some of the newest technology is much more than a matter of flash for Dr. Ronan, but a means for him to genuinely improve his client’s experience and outcomes.

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Cosmetic Surgery Conversation

Cosmetic surgery is a highly contested topic; some put it on par with self-mutilation and a psychosis, while others believe it’s just another means to achieving emotional well-being.
According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 11 million surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures were undertaken in 2013 alone. Since 1997, there has been a 279% increase in the total number of cosmetic procedures.

Is this recent surge of surgery due to the ubiquity of medical advancements and lower costs of procedures, or are societal pressures surrounding beauty/body image shifting and intensifying?

To explore these complicated notions of self-perception and modification we asked those closest to the knife’s edge—from psychologists and plastic surgeons to those who chose cosmetic surgery—to weigh-in on this question.

Here’s what they had to say.
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Modern Technology Centerstage at Dr. Stephen Ronan’s Luxurious Bay Area Plastic Surgery Center

Bay Area native Dr. Stephen Ronan has returned to his roots to open the Blackhawk Plastic Surgery Center. Utilizing modern technology and the most advanced treatment options on the market, Dr. Ronan let’s his patients pick their surgical plan, whether they want to explore new laser treatments or head under the knife. An expert in facial procedures, body enhancements and hair restoration, Dr. Ronan helps patients look and feel their best, from head to toe in his well-appointed surgery center in Blackhawk, California.
The recipient of awards and accolades, including Best Plastic Surgeon of Best Doctors in Bay Area, Dr. Ronan took time out from his work as a medical director and philanthropist to discuss the present and future of plastic surgery.

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Abdominal Contouring after Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes many changes in the body, especially in the abdomen. The ability of the abdomen to ‘rebound’ after childbirth decreases with each delivery. The typical patient that presents for abdominal contouring complains of extra skin, extra fat, a stretched or loose abdominal wall, stretch marks, and/or poor lower abdominal skin quality. Some patients complain that they can’t see their belly button and others that their clothes don’t fit properly. The abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedure addresses all of these issues. Read more…

Eyelid and Brow Lift Surgery for Men and Women

Do you wake up, even after a good night’s sleep, and find that the loose skin above your eyes or bags below your eyes make you look tired? Do the wrinkles and frown lines on your forehead and the heaviness of the brow bother you? Do you look tired but feel awake? If you answered ‘yes,’ you are not alone. Eyelid (blepharoplasty) and a brow lift procedures are commonly performed to help restore a more energetic and youthful appearance. Read more…

Wrinkles? Why not BOTOX® them?

What is all the fuss about BOTOX®? What is it and what can it do for me? Facial expressions like smiling, frowning, and laughing cause wrinkling of skin, especially between the eyebrows and in the lateral eye area (crow’s feet). BOTOX® is a medicine which treats wrinkles in an office setting with little or no downtime. Read more…

The Midface Addition for the ‘Modern’ Facelift

The youthful face is curvilinear with fullness in the upper midface, graceful curves, and a relative hollowness in the lower midface. The lower lid appears vertically short. With aging, there is an inevitable descent of cheek tissue which creates a depression hollowness of the lower lid area, emptiness of the upper face area, fullness in the lower face, and jowling. The lower lid sags and appears vertically taller. The neck skin and muscle loosen creating central fullness and blunting of the youthful, sharp distinction between the jaw and the neck. Read more…

The Minimal Incision Breast Reduction or Lift

Upper breast flattening and breast drooping are expected consequences of childbearing and aging. Some women find that their breasts are too large and cause them problems with neck pain, back pain, shoulder strap grooving, etc. They also find that clothes and braziers don’t fit properly. For others, the volume of breast tissue is deficient or appropriate but the breasts themselves droop. If this sounds like you, keep reading. There is a newer breast procedure, with minimized incisions, that offers correction of these problems. Read more…

Breast Enhancement for the Modern Woman

The breast is the universal symbol of femininity, nurturing, love, and sexuality. Most women interested in breast augmentation or enlargement are intelligent, successful and well-adjusted individuals who are concerned with inadequate breast size. The overwhelming majority of women who undergo breast augmentation are very satisfied with their result. Because of such high patient satisfaction and improvement in self-image, it is not surprising that breast augmentation is one of the more common aesthetic plastic surgery procedures performed. Read more…

Wrinkles, Sagging and Laxity of the Jowls and Neck

As people age, the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun, and the stresses of daily life can be seen in their faces. There is an inevitable descent of cheek tissue which creates a depression hollowness of the lower lid area, fullness in the lower face, and jowling. The neck skin and muscle loosen creating central fullness and blunting of the youthful, sharp distinction between the jaw and the neck.

Stars and the Scalpel

Fashion Wire Daily NY December 26, 2001 – Can we talk? Joan Rivers, the self-proclaimed arbiter of Hollywood style, talks as much about her own plastic surgeries as she does about other stars’ fashion gaffes. But while famous folks like Rivers, Phyllis Diller, Michael Jackson and Jocelyn Wildenstein (aka The Bride of Wildenstein) can pass off their multiple body modifications as aesthetic adventurousness or a plain old sight gag, there’s a fine line between people who get numerous nips and tucks, and those on a compulsive quest for perfection. Read more…

Maliniac Circle welcomes youngest member

The Maliniac Circle is an opportunity for all ASPS members – at any stage of their careers – to make a donation to PSEF to support future research and educational programs. Stephen Ronan, MD, an ASPS candidate-member, exemplify the fact that it is never too early, or too late, to become a Maliniac Fellow. At age 32, Dr. Ronan is the youngest member to join the Maliniac Circle. He hopes that other young plastic surgeons will follow his lead in making a deferred contribution to PSEF. Read more…

I Was Talked Out of Plastic Surgery

By Tammy Duggins I’m 28 and recently became worried about sagging around my eyes. I live in an affluent area around San Francisco, and frankly, people judge you by appearance here. In my job as a secretary, I deal with the public and want to look my best. I’ve had friends who’ve had minor plastic surgery, and they look great. So I went to a plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Ronan, and asked for a brow lift. I’d made my mind up to have it done, and I was floored when he said, “You don’t need an eye job or brow work or anything else. You don’t need plastic surgery.” That’s what every woman wants to hear! I know my husband likes my looks, but I didn’t expect a surgeon to say no to my request to change them. Dr. Ronan suggested I pluck my eyebrows into more flattering arches, and now I do that. He didn’t charge me for the consultation (or the beauty tip!). I came away feeling like I got a gift-a confidence boost-for free.